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pocket ashtray

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An estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown onto the ground worldwide every year. Not only do they trash our environment, but they are an eye sore and fire hazard. Our pocket ashtray is designed to put out and tidy away cigarette stubs, helping us to keep a cleaner environment!!

With a large print area, this ashtray makes an ideal promotional item for the tobacco industry, environmental protection agencies, local councils, etc. Our pocket ashtray is widely used at home, on the beach, in the mountains and forests, in a car, on a boat, at skiing, at campsites, in and around the office and in the city.

There are 20 different colours of material and 6 different models available. 

How to use the Pocket Ashtray:

 1) Put the cigarette, still lit, in the pocket ashtray.
 2) Close the pocket ashtray using the "push button".
 3) Make sure the cigarette is out before putting the ashtray in your pocket.
 4) Once the ashtray is full, empty the cigarettes in a garbage can.
 5) The pocket ashtray can contain up to 6 cigarette butts at the same time.
 6) The ashtray is intended to contain exclusively cigarette butts.

Min Order Qty 100pcs

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