micro fibre lens cloths

micro fibre lens cloths

Our microfibre cloths have a unique blend of material which provides the highest quality for cleaning eye glasses, sunglasses, LCD screen, camera lenses, mobile phone, laptop and iPads.

Microfibre cloths remove smudges, body oils, fingerprints and dust quickly and safely on eyeglasses, DSLR cameras, binoculars, telescopes, smart phones, laptops, iPads, tablets, LCD TV's, computer and touch screens as well as all other smooth surfaces.

They are eco-friendly, washable and reusable providing long term value and brand exposure.

Logos can be sublimation printed, silkscreen printed, gold or silver blocked and embossed. For sublimation printed, please note that due to the nature of dye sublimation printing, the edges between adjacent colours are not sharp, therefore small detail may fill in with the colour of the surrounding area.

A handy item required almost everywhere!!

  • Made from high quality 170gsm micro fibre material
  • Guaranteed scratch resistant
  • Choose either 180mm x 152mm with dye sublimation print or 150mm sq with either dye sublimation print, silk screen print, embossed print or gold/silver blocking
  • Min order qty 250 pcs on 180*152mm or 500 pcs on 150mm sq.

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