"Accessiblity is more than just a politically correct after thought"

NG Badges Ltd, in association with MRS Web Solutions, make every effort to create and maintain a site that is accessible to everyone. However a web site is never static and sometimes pages get modified. If you have problems accessing any page in this site, please email stating the address of the page and the problem you encountered.

Accessibility doesn't just mean writing good web site code. Plain English, stripped of jargon and colloquialisms, will help non-native English speakers use your site more effectively. Low graphics, and text alternatives for any content that requires an extra plug-in will allow both sight impaired users, and users of hand-held Internet devices to access your information.

In addition, we ensure that our factory and those of our Far East manufacturing partners fulfil the terms of our Ethical Policy - thus ensuring your products are not manufactured using exploited labour. For a copy of our Ethical Policy, please click the link below.