Neck Straps

NG Badges, specialists in neck straps, supply a comprehensive range of neck straps, which are designed for carrying name badges - whether these neck straps are being used in exhibitions and for security purposes.

Our neck straps are produced to your requirements, incorporating your choice of text or logo, repeating along the length of the neck strap. Our specialists in neck straps can fit a dog clip, swivel clip or crocodile clip for connecting to card holder. Other neck strap fittings, e.g. water bottle holders, mobile holders etc., are also available.

An extensive range of card holders and fittings give customised neck straps a multitude of users from staff identity and swipe cards to branding opportunities at exhibitions and promotional events.

These are the different types of neck straps which we can provide:-

Tubular Polyester Neck Straps

Tubular polyester neck straps are made from loosely stitched polyester cotton blend formed into a tubular format and coloured with a UV resistant colour-fast dye.

Flat Polyester Neck Straps

Flat polyester neck straps are made of polyester dyed in a UV resistant colour-fast dye, which will not fade or wear off, with text or logo printed onto them.

Flat Nylon Neck Straps

Flat nylon neck straps are produced in nylon, which is a material that is made to last, with your text or logo printed directly onto the custom neck strap.

Earth Friendly Neck Straps

Earth friendly neck straps are made from the discarded stems of plants, which are broken down to their fibrous base and then woven in the same way as polyester or nylon. This type of neck strap is also biodegradable as it is an organic origin.

Dye Sublimation Neck Straps

Dye sublimation neck straps are the type of neck strap which illustrations and photographs can be printed onto in a higher definition detail.

Woven Neck Straps

Woven neck straps are made of the polyester and have your text directly woven into the custom neck strap.

As an alternative to silk screen printing for neck straps, choose from full colour dye sublimation or Jacquard woven. Four plain colours are also available - from stock for immediate despatch of neck straps, where you don't have time for personalisation.

If you require further information please contact our specialists in neck straps for fresh ideas on your neck straps.