NG Badges are THE experts when it comes to the design, creation and supply of lanyards. These Promotional items are one of the most popular in the NG Badges range thanks to their quality and durability. We almost always carry lanyards in stock, available for instant dispatch, delivered directly to your door.

Lanyards are usually associated with carrying name badges but nowadays can be seen supporting a range of items at the end. Whistles and pens are very typical but nowadays MP3 players and lip balms are even very popular. Don't be limited by the norm, why not think outside of the box because if you can attach a clip to it, you can hang it from a lanyard (dependent on weight and size of course! Anvils are definitely not recommended).

Eco-Friendly Lanyards - Be Green!

Quite possibly one of the fastest growing lanyard types in the industry is our Earth Friendly lanyard collection. With the emphasis on being green and kind to the environment being more important than ever, our Eco lanyards are a good way of helping with this global issue. Our Eco-Friendly lanyards are all bio-degradable and made from recycled yarns or bamboo.

Tubular Polyester Lanyards

Our Tubular polyester lanyards are ideal for simple logos and text. The material can be silk screen printed on both or just one side and fitted with a massive variety of clips. Why not take a look at our Tubular Lanyards to see what we can do for you.

Flat Polyester Lanyards

Without a doubt the most popular in the NG Badges range of lanyards is the Flat Polyester lanyard. Made from a durable, high quality and cost effective material, your logo and text will be nearly as long lasting as the material itself!!! As with most of our lanyards it is available in our 3 standard widths of 10mm, 15mm and 20mm - take a look at our Flat Polyester Lanyards now and see if they are for you!

Flat Nylon Lanyards

The Flat Nylon Lanyards are a lightweight and flexible option that are finished with a glossy sheen. The material in the lanyards makes them slightly thicker and stiffer than their polyester counterpart offering a slightly more hard wearing alternative. As with all our range you can have these printed on both sides with the logo, text and colours that you desire!

Dye Sublimation Lanyards

If you have a design that requires more attention to detail and is too complex for the standard silk screen printing on our other lanyards you should go for the Dye Sublimation option. The material will have a matt finish and is very smooth and comfortable to wear in all conditions. When image is key, Dye Sublimation in the ideal lanyard for you!