Key Chains and Key Fobs

Add your design to everyday functionality. From traditional enamel or leather-backed key fobs to fun, liquid-filled and executive laser-etched key chain designs, it’s possible to find the perfect style whatever your requirements.

Why not be inventive with a moulded Promo-Flex design or even a fully 3-dimensional alloy-injection model of your logo.

Key fobs and karabiners - very popular promotional tools

Key Fobs

A key fob is a decorative item many people often carry with their keys, on a ring or a chain, to provide a better grip or to make a personal statement.

Key fobs vary in size and style. Most commonly used are simple shapes of smooth metal or plastic, often with a message or symbol. A key fob may be strictly symbolic, or it may be functional itself. For examples, many key fobs are small flashlights, compasses, calculators, penknives, store discount cards, bottle openers, or USB flash drives.

Key Chains

Key chains are a small chain, which is usually made from metal or plastic, connecting a small item to a key ring. The length of key chains allows an item to be used easier than if connected directly to a key ring. Some key chains allow one or both ends the ability to rotate, keeping the key chains from becoming twisted while the items are being used.

Alloy Injection Key Chains

Fully 3-dimensional, totally bespoke alloy injection key chains, bottle openers and badges. These can provide a scale model of your 3D logo.

Executive Key Fobs and Key Chains

Show clients you have the class and the style they're looking for in a company they want to do business with! Specialists in executive key fobs and key chains offer a range of key fobs and key chains with polished and brushed finished, which can be laser engraved, enamel in-filled or printed.

Our executive key fobs and key chains make excellent corporate, or thank you gifts. Have one engraved with your message, and show someone how important their business is to your company.

Hard Enamel Key Fobs and Key Chains

Choose from traditional Cloisonné or modern Pantone matched for the ultimate quality key fobs and key chains.

Soft Enamel Key Fobs and Key Chains

Pantone matched for the ultimate quality soft enamel key fobs and key chains.

2-Tone Key Chains

For a subtle effect, with little or no colour - choose two-tone. These can be provided in a range of plating options to replicate antique finishes.

Printed Key Fobs and Key Chains

Where separating colours with metal key lines is not allowed, then printing on Plated Brass, Natural Brass, Steel or Aluminium, gives you the right result for your key fobs and key chains, every time.

Leather Key Fobs

Leather key fobs can be supplied in a range of shapes and qualities from the economical 'bonded' and ever popular 'split leather'. Alternatively, why not try tasteful ‘real hide’ leather.

Liquid Filled YETISHUI Key Fobs

Fun, Flexible and colourful - these Liquid Filled YETISHUI key fobs and key chains are an ideal way to theme a promotion or marketing campaign.

2D/3D Promo-Flex Key Fobs and Key Chains

Fun, Flexible and colourful - these Pantone matched bespoke Promo-Flex key fobs and key chains are ideal for a promotional or marketing campaign.

Coin Style Key Chains

Coin style key chains are ideal for shopping trolleys, gym lockers and any vending machine where a returnable coin is required. These are available in pound sized coins, euro coins or any other coin denomination for your country of travel.

Spinning Key Chains

Something different - add movement to your key with our spinning key chains. Animate your logo with spinning key chains; presenting dynamism and individuality.


Promotional gift Karabiners are a metal loop with a spring. The word comes from the German expression 'Karabinerhaken'. Yet German climbers would always call it ‘Karabiner’. Karabiners can be engraved, attached to printed straps or used with a Promo-Flex patch. NG Badges, who specialise in modern and funky karabiners, can provide them in solid and metallic colours.

Karabiners are great when you want to leave a good impression to an existing customer or prospect. Karabiners have a highly likely hood to be used then most key fobs. This makes them a very good return on your promotional products investment on karabiners.