Dog Tags

Dog tags by NG Badges are popular due to their military style. They are the MUST HAVE fashion accessory. These personalised embossed dog tags are provided in bulk or singles. From dog tags for your personal use through to dog tags for luggage and beyond, we can supply dog tags for individuals or groups and in quantities from 100 to 1 million.

All dog tags are supplied with 18, 20 or 24" chains and can be personalised for you or your organisation.

Dog Tags - the Next Craze to Hit the UK?

We think so. They're huge in the States and will hit here soon. Remember the silicon wrist band craze of 2005? Be at the forefront of the next must have product and don't miss out on dog tags as the next fashion branding opportunity.

How Can Dog Tags Help?

Dog tags can also be an excellent way of providing health or allergy information in the event of accident or medical incident... i.e. blood group or allergy to certain medicines or substances.

Whatever your requirement or idea for dog tags may be, we would like to discuss it with you and perhaps provide some insights or dog tag ideas of our own.

Personal or Promotional Dog Tags

Personal or promotional dog tags can also be used as a proof of entry to concerts/shows or promoting your club/organisation. Dog tags are inexpensive items and unique advertising product for companies.

Design your own Dog Tag as a fashion statement, or opt for an original set in memory of a loved one.

Protection with Dog Tags

Why not protect your children with military dog tags, which are a ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ ID system that they would happily wear.

What Type of Dog Tag Can You Have?

There are 13 different anodised aluminium colours available for dog tags.

Anodised aluminium dog tags come as standard with a 25mm split ring. Further dog tags options include either a 600mm or 120mm coloured or plain nickel plated ball chain.

Silicon dog tags are supplied with either a 100mm or 500mm nickel plated ball chain. EU compliant Nickel Free ball chains are also available. Silicon dog tags can be made in up to 3 merged colours, glow in the dark and UV effects.

If you require further information please contact our specialists in dog tags for fresh ideas on your promotional dog tags.