The humble coasters have spent many a year gracing the desks of staff and executives for years and will always continue until either we stop drinking tea, tea stops growing or someone invents the non-drip mug/self cleaning mug. I think for now though we can settle for the coaster. Often overlooked as a promotional item, the coaster is actually ideal for most people's situations.

A lot of people would like to have their promotional item on a desk but things such as pads etc are very expensive to post because of their size and weight. This is where the coaster and its stealthy appearance can really work wonders for your promotional giveaway. Our coasters are easily slipped into an envelope when contacting your customers or even into a giveaway bag when you're at shows and exhibitions. I suppose the most extreme thing would be to slip it into someone's pocket when there not looking but we wouldn't recommend this!

Our Coasters

We offer one type of coasters here at NG Badges, the Stepped 2-D Soft PVC Coaster from our Promoflex range. However, the possibilities are almost endless with this type of design. Most users would choose from our square or round templates as they are most definitely the norm, but you could opt for a more original design and have one cut to your exact requirements.

The synthetic base of this type of coasters make them easily washable and very hard wearing and flexible in the even the most demanding and physical of office environment where these useful desk items may become the latest in flying disk technology within the IT department.

In terms of colour you can choose up to 13 different spot colours for your design. We also offer a translucent or metal colour fill to give your promotional coasters an unique look. What not be daring and add some glow in the dark that will ensure the end user never misses no matter the conditions!

Why not have a look at our coasters and see if we can supply the correct item for you and your requirements.