NG Badges are one of the top creators of Badges and Corporate Jewellery in Europe. Our methods are famed for creating some of the most desirable items within the industry. Our in-house design team can provide you with the perfect look for what ever requirement you have of these ever popular promotional items.

Badges come in many shapes and sizes. Here, at NG Badges, we offer a wide range of styles and finishes to create your ideal Promotional Badge. Have a look at some of our ranges below to see what we offer. Then if you feel convinced you've come to the right supplier why not browse our products using the navigation to the left to create and customised the exact product you want!

Cloisonné Enamel Badges

Cloisonné badges are one of our top badge types. This technique is very old and has been used all over the world by many different cultures. View the page on Wikipedia to learn more about cloisonné. Our cloisonné badges are die stamped in copper to your own unique design and shape, providing you with the Crème de la crème of badges. Click here to view our cloisonné badges.

Hard Enamel versus Soft Enamel badges and lapelpins

We offer 2 types of badge enamelling here at NG Badges, Hard and Soft. Both will create fabulous badges that are infilled by hand to match your exact corporate colours. Both can also be plated with a selection of styles. However for the more concerning customer our hard enamel badges are a sign of true quality and durability. This of course doesn't overshadow the popularity and instant wow factor that all our customers get when they see their soft enamel badges!

How can we forget the almighty Button Badge!?

These are by far the most common and instantly recognisable badges we supply, mainly because the majority of us have worn one or two of them on the odd birthday celebration here or there! In the US, you'll find these badges on all Democrat and Republican supporters with there candidates face and name. They are great for those throw away type promotions where a quick and high impact solution is required.

So is that it for our badges?

Don't be silly. Take a look at our online catalogue for even more types of badges that will hopefully inspire you and get your creative juices flowing! Badges don't have to be boring and here at NG Badges we hope to provide you with the tools and ideas to make your promotional schemes become a success.

Using our site enables you to get quotes instantly online without the need to get on the phone. All your quotes for badges are stored and can be converted into orders within seconds, leaving you more time to concentrate on the more important things in your business.