Silicon Wristband

Our silicon wristbands are flexible, available in a range of different colours and available in both adult and youth sizes.  Choose from Embossed (recessed design), Debossed (raised design), Printed or Debossed with raised coloured logo.  We now offer an extra wide (25mm) band, that give doubles the personalisation area!!

Although wristbands are widely being used for showing your support of a particular charity, they are also ideal for security at events, concerts and any other venues. 

Please note that an important feature of multi coloured wristbands (either segmented or marbled) is that each band will be totally different. Solid silicon is melted in the mould and how each different colour joins to an adjacent colour is not controllable. Artwork we produce for these bands is purely illustrative and is not to be regarded as an image of how the finished items will look.

Alternatively, choose our Festival or Snap wristbands.
 We are sure you will find a wristband to suit your needs!

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